Whether it's a long evening or a short spontaneous or planned conversation, around a dining table at a hotel or at a meeting: Emohome furniture can be found wherever you meet and exchange ideas.


Much more than a piece of furniture

Being at home and feeling good - in this rapid change of time, it's essential to have a place to rest and relax. Emohome's high quality furniture is exactly the key to the peace you are looking for in your home.

We offer furniture for every taste: chairs, dining tables, armchairs, sofas, tables and bedroom furniture. We are happy to suggest furniture that will contribute to your peace and happiness.

We usually want to relax after enjoying a delicious dinner, and that's why living rooms are often where we end our day.

Emohome’un beğeninize sunduğu Anna köşe oturma grubu inanılmaz bir oturma konforuna sahip modern bir ev mobilyasıdır. En iyi malzemelerle tamamı ile el yapımıdır. Çok şıktır ve bakımı kolaydır. Bir film izlerken veya kitap okurken kıvrılabileceğiniz mükemmel tasarıma sahiptir.

It is produced exclusively for you from the fabric you will choose upon your taste. The Anna corner sitting group, which will have a brand new look with the cushions that will be colored with your choice, will be a reflection of you in your home. 

emohome köşe oturma takımı

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